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    Lunch / Dinner

Bistek Encebollado

   Steak with onion topping, in tomato sauce with

   sliced onions & bell peppers, rice, beans, salad & tortillas

Pollo Encebollado

   Chicken in tomato sauce with sliced onions 

   & Bell Peppers, rice, beans, salad & tortillas

Carne Asada (Ranchera)

   Charbroiled Beef (Skirt Steak). Served with pico de

   gallo & guacamole, rice ,beans & tortillas

Carne Desebrada

   Shredded Beef (in tomato sauce with bell peppers)

   rice beans, salad & tortillas

Fajita de Res (Con Cebolla y Chile)

   Beef Fajita (With Onions & Bell Peppers) pico de

   gallo & guacamole, rice beans & tortillas

Fajita de Pollo (Con Cebolla y Chile)

   Chicken Breast Fajita (With Onions & Bell Peppers) 

   pico de gallo & guacamole, rice beans & tortillas

Fajita de Camarón (Con Cebolla y Chile)

    Shrimp Fajita (With Onions & Bell Peppers) pico de

   gallo & guacamole, rice beans & tortillas

Fajita Combinacion (Con Cebolla y Chile) 

   Combination fajita (with onions & bell peppers)

   (Chicken, beef, Shrimp) pico de gallo & guacamole 

  rice,beans & tortillas

Higado Encebollado

   Beef liver in tomato sauce and sliced onions & Bell

   peppers, rice beans, salad & tortillas

Plato de Pechuga a La Plancha

   Grill Chicken Served with rice, beans, guacamole &

   pico de gallo

Sopa de Pata

   Beef tripe soup  with Yucca root, cabbage & corn.

   ***Tortillas Only***

Menudo Mexicano

    ***Tortillas Only***

Caldo de Res

   Cabbage, zuchini, carrots, yuca root and green beans,

   served with rice & tortillas

  ****CHIPILIN EXTRA ¢.89******

Birria de Res

   Beef in soup or dry, with beans & rice

Costilla de Res Azada

   With onions, green chile, rice, beans, pico de gallo

   & guacamole, charboiled ribs

Lengua Guisada

   Beef tongue in tomato sauce, with onions & green

   bell peppers, served with rice, beans & salad

Molcajete Mar y Tierra

   Chicken fajita, beef & shrimps, cactus & cheese,

   with rice, beans, pico de Gallo & guacamole

Pechuga de Pollo en Crema

   Chicken in sour cream with mushroom, onions,

   served with rice, beans & salad

Pechuga de Pollo en Queso Derretido

   Chicken with melted cheese, with green and red

   peppers, onions, mushroom, served with rice, beans

   & pico de gallo

Parrillada Salvadoreña

   Charbroiled steak, beef ribs, chicken, shrimps, sausage,

   onions, green and red peppers, served

   with rice beans & pico de gallo

Ribeye 10 oz & Camarones

   Ribeye 10 oz & shrimps, served with rice, beans,

   pico de gallo & guacamole

Carne Azada con Camarones

   Charbroiled beef with shrimps, topped with onions

   and green peppers, served with rice, beans,

   pico de gallo, guacamole & jalapeños.

Plato de 2 Sopes con Arroz y Ensalada

2 Crispy Tacos

   Served with rice & beans, lettuce, tomatoe & cheese 

Enchilada de Pollo ó Queso

   Chicken or Cheese Enchiladas, served with, beans,

   salad & sour cream

Plato de 3 Tacos Crujientes

   3 crispy ground beef tacos topped with lettuce, tomatoes

   & cheese, served with rice, beans & sour cream

Burrito de Asada

Tacos de Asada (4)

Plato de Tacos de Asada

Sopes de Asada

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